To lift Jesus higher in Ottawa and the nation. To see Ottawa and Canada transformed by the love of God in Jesus Christ through the revival power of the Holy Spirit. John 12:32.

As a Catholic charismatic community, we are being called by God to work under Him and with others to participate in a new work of God for the new millennium. The essence of this call is the worship of the Father in spirit and in truth which transcends denominational boundaries and shows forth the glory of the risen Lord. Isaiah 43:18-21, Haggai 1:8, John 4:23-24.

This new work of God is being created in a small way in our family at Lift Jesus Higher where, as treasure in broken vessels, we receive the lonely and broken and seek to bring all into the fullness of life God intended through a Christ-centred healing ministry. 2 Cor 4:7, Psalm 68:6, Isaiah 61:1-3.

And also on a larger scale within the wider Body of Christ where we seek to build bridges within our Catholic communion and with other denominations to unify and heal Christ’s Body on earth. John 17:21, John 12:32.

To prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom. Rev 21:2.

Relationships - with God, ourselves and each other

The qualities of love, unity, freedom, holiness, humility, faith, and authenticity as lived out by Christ

Catholic identity

The fruits and gifts of the Spirit

Freedom of worship

Every-member ministry

Total consecration of ourselves to God for the fulfillment of His purposes